What We Do

These are the services we currently provide:

  • Souvenir Convention Photos - Have your photo taken with your gaming group or get a family shot to remember the convention by!
  • High Quality CosPlay Photos - Let us take a GREAT photo of your CosPlay that will really show off your hard work and creativity.
  • Fandom Event Photography - Are you planning an event that's Fandom related or themed? We'd love to come take photos of your attendees and exhibits. (See the Contact page for how to get in touch!)
  • Onsite Prints - We can provide professional quality photo prints in a variety of sizes, immediately! 

  • Product Photography - If you're a vendor in need of photos for your website or catalog, we can do that for you while we're at the same event! 
  • By-appointment Nerdy Studio Photography in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area - Cons are a blast, but there are times when you need a full studio experience for your photos, with precisely controlled lighting and backgrounds.  (Click here for example studio work. See the Contact page for how to get in touch!)